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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

What is ufology all about?

Reference article: 

What are UFOs? Some experts believe that real UFOs should be highly intelligent aliens' aircraft; but some experts believe that they may be objects or creatures in multidimensional space and that they may be not important to us.

So what is UFO science about? How does it relate to life on our planet? In fact, it only a very small part of the alien flying saucer, most of the real UFO is a variety of space creatures. Even those triangular, tubular, and dish-shaped UFOs are just arrays in which they fly. Many of these extraterrestrial species are documented in human history or myths, but 30 percent are completely unfamiliar to humans. My findings may surprise people!

The 30 percent of the that extraterrestrial species are not familiar to humans are mostly simple form creatures. Their homes are in our atmosphere (of course they can also fly away from the Earth into far space or reach the moon, the sun or even another planet). Because their bodies have great energy, they can emit a variety of high and low energy rays, cold or hot energy and magnetic fields. According to my research results and the information that I have, most of the thunderstorms, lightning, typhoons and Earth's magnetic barriers in the Earth's atmosphere are actually the way of life of these non-Earth energy creatures. And these atmospheric physical phenomena are precisely the necessary environment for the survival of all living things on our planet. If there are no Earth magnetic barriers, thunderstorms, lightning, typhoons... Can even we live on this planet? In other words, our planet's creatures live under(or in) their environment!

We ignore them because their body energy makes them invisible (for human vision) in general, but they are a huge population numerous and a wide variety species. Even though a few people can summon ufo, it is rare to call the extraterrestrial creatures to jump out of ufo. As for when scientists and experts understand this - the truth or find the exact evidence, it is not known, anyway, I told them truthfully. There are some scientists involved in UFO studies, it still not considered a science by the mainstream scientific community because they cannot identify what those objects are.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

I didn't show any of your photos at the Nexus Magazine conference because…… (2)

Here are some of his letters & Related article:
 Moth man or alien bat?  Mothman (4)

On 3/09/2008, at 11:17 AM

Hi xxx
 Yes I received your last letter & the interesting photo. Yes please send me the photo of the mothman or alien bat being.


From: xxxx xxxx
To: xxx'
Sent: Thursday, September 04, 2008 1:06 PM
Subject: RE: from xxx

Hi xxx,
 It probably most resembles the Moth Man, though it is impossible to really know what the object is. Did you only get one photo of it? Because it looks like mist or a ghost & then people will thing maybe it can change its shape. If there were several pictures of the object & it retains its shape in every one but maybe moves about then we could be more certain that it is normally that shape. 


On 10/11/2008, at 6:51 PM,

Hi xxx,
I can see why you are worried. That is the most amazing photo of something
unusual that I have ever seen, especially the way it was looking right at
you. I cannot identify it, though I don't believe that there is anything to
concern yourself with as these things just seem to visit & look at us & then
depart back to wherever they dwell. I missed this email when you sent it to
me. Do you want me to email it to other researchers?


On 28/11/2008, at 4:20 PM,

Hi xxx,
We only made the dragon hunting documentary this winter & we were searching
for the giant goanna or monitor lizard that grows to about 10 metres or over
30 feet. It is well known from its fossil skeleton as being alive until a
few thousand years ago in Australia & some people have reported that they
have seen living giant lizards so we set up an expedition to search for it
with the American's who came out to film it but we did not find anything
beside what may have been a single footprint.

Yes please tell me about your dragon experience.


On 18/12/2008, at 1:06 AM,

Hi xxx,
Yes that looks good, funny to see a picture of myself & glad that you saw
the show. I will also be appearing in another documentary for the
Destination Truth series looking for yowies / yetis in the forests of
Australia. Yes I received your interesting dragon story & thank you once
again. Wishing you & your family a very merry Christmas & hoping that 2009
is a wonderful year for you & your family.

Season's greetings,


I didn't show any of your photos at the Nexus Magazine conference because ….

I did sent many my alien and ufo’s photos to a scientist for study and giving my permission to show some of my photos at the conference. But He did not ……

Hi xxx
 Thank you for sending me the grasshopper photo which I have just opened up & looked at now at 8pm on 30 January. I am not going to show these photos until I have had time to study them all & put together all the information that you have provided. I think that we have to try to come up with some sort of theory first as to what is going on. I will not do anything with these photographs unless I tell you first & get your permission because I regard all these photos as belonging to you. What I might do is put them together as a powerpoint slide show & present them to a UFO meeting but I will send you the slide show & everything that I will say first.


Thank you, xxx, for giving me permission to show some of your photos at the conference. I will send you the photos first that I would like to use to see if you agree. I will not make them available to anyone else but will direct them to your blog.


Sent: Saturday, September 06, 2008 8:15 PM
Subject: RE: from xxx

Hi xxx,
I am very impressed with this photo & I would like to show it & a few others that you have sent me to the attendees of the Nexus Magazine conference near Brisbane in early October when I am giving a presentation on my book that I sent you. Would you like me to show them during my presentation? I would describe them as photos that you have taken & that they appear to be much more important that the common orb photos people regularly taken & that they are further evidence of unexplainable phenomena.

12 October 2008 at 4:31 PM
Hi xxx,
No I didn't show any of your photos at the Nexus Magazine conference because
when I tried to upload one of your mist photos onto my Powerpoint
presentation it would not work because there was not enough memory in my
very old computer.


Hi xxx
Yes I find the ugly mist thing very strange indeed.


Hi xxx
 It certainly looks a little like one of our short-necked freshwater turtles that live in Australia. We also have long-necked freshwater turtles in Australian rivers with necks twice as long again.  Did you photograph this one more than once.


Hi xxx
 Yes I have received & looked at all of the photos that you sent me & also went back to read all the emails that you sent to the group. The photos are all very interesting & I think that it is important that you keep photographing & studying the alien life forms & keep notes & gather the photos into groups to look for patterns. Patterns are the way that we recognise everything in the universe. If something is repeatedly observed one begins to notice repeated patterns. Watching planes or birds fly over as an example gives us patterns that tell us the flight paths & times of the flyover of birds & planes. Only by repeated observation do we learn more about the world around us.

I am very interested in the very small peanut-sized animal-like things that you mentioned that you often see each day. As you said many of these things might be existing with us but we cannot normally see them. You seem to have a special ability to see & therefore photograph them. Perhaps they are visiting all of us but we cannot see them so we will have to rely on you. So please continue to send me photos & I will continue to think about them & see if I can see any patterns so that it may one day make sense to us.

Kind regards


Hi xxx
 Thanks for the 2 alien dog photos. To try to get an explanation maybe you should take some of these pictures to the shop that sold you the camera & ask them why does the camera record all these strange images & is the camera faulty? Do not mention anything about aliens or ufos because the idea would be to get them to check what is going on even though we can be sure that the camera is not faulty but it would be interesting to try to get an explanation from the camera technical people. The second photo is interesting because it shows something definitely sitting on the roof of your house.


Hi xxx
 I particularly like these 2 photos taken inside your gazebo & it is amazing that such bright lights that the camera recorded was invisible to you. I believe that the reason is that the objects are vibrating or producing light at such a high speed of vibrations or waves that our eyes cannot see them but the camera can. A bit like if a fly flew very fast past our eye we might just notice a very tiny fuzzy blur but if we took a digital photo just as the fly flew past we would get a perfect photo of the fly & it would look like the fly was not moving but just hovering in front of the lens & was very large. 
Kind Regards


Hi xxx
 As I said in my other email sent today, if you can supply me with all of the relevant information about each photo, when & why it was taken, how far the subject was away from the camera & was the subject visible & if so did it move & how long was it visible so that the circumstances around each photo are known then I can start showing the photos around.


Thank you so much for phoning me & telling me so much of what you have seen. It was very good to hear you talking because it helps me to understand who you are. The trouble with the emails on the internet is that you do not know who you really are communicating with but by talking on the phone we have good human contact. I will try to come over to New Zealand & meet you but first I must apply for a passport as I have not left Australia since 1994. Next I will email you some studies that I have written in my attempt to understand what is really happening with the aliens & the humans so hope you enjoy reading it.

Thanking you once again & I will keep everything private.

Also let me wish you, xxxx & the rest of your family a very happy Christmas & hope that we can get together in 2007.

Kind Regards


Can you email a picture of the humanoids that you saw to this list & tell us more about them? Did the pair of humanoids look solid like they were actually hovering in the air above your kitchen or were they more like a holographic image? Where they inside or outside of the house & was it day or night? Did you draw or photograph them & what are these other 21 humanoids & the 14 photos & where can they be viewed? You say that you saw them on 30 August 2005 but are you still able to see them? It certainly sounds very interesting. Are you receiving any communication from them? I wish I was in New Zealand so that I could see for myself but I could always fly over which would be well worth it if it was actually possible to obtain close views of extraterrestrials or UFOs.

I found your photo of the transparent disc or flying saucer particularly interesting & unlike any other photo that I have seen.

Wishing you all a happy Easter.



Hi xxx
Thanks for the wonderful photographs that you took of 3 flying saucers, I
think they look weird because of the energy surrounding them that distorts
their shape in the photo. When & where did you photograph them & can I send
the photo on the other UFO researchers?


Triangle UFO (2)

After 15 Sept 2009, It appeared again the next day, at 3:35:50 PM 16 Sept 2009. This pattern is similar to year of 2007, an invisible black triangular ufo also showed itself on top of my garden for two days, 6 June & 8 June 2007. Size about 60cm to 1.3 metre?
Here are the pictures.
click the image for large picture.

night objects

here is my YouTube vidoe: night objects

ufo picture

click image to see the large picture

Unusual encounter

Of my remarkable, colorful and odd looking UFO pictures, most are captured from invisible objects. It doesn't matter how bright or how big they are shown in the photos. Only 20 pictures were seen with my eye. Some objects were even 1 to 3 meters from where I stood. I just couldn't see their fingers or hear any noisy. Only once, two invisible objects landed on the top of my tent, and then I could see some silver mist, like Moon light, shower from the top. I tried to grab the blur fog with my hand, I got nothing. But one evening of October(?) 2005 I saw a spinning small bell shaped flying saucer come down from the cloud, and stayed 35 meters (?) above my kitchen's roof for a minute then slowly turned to another direction.

Also my encounter with various types and large number of space life is different than those described events of UFO history. Their size ranged from sand to egg to basketball, to as big as 60 meters wide. Their shapes were micro- organism, insects, reptiles, Phoenix to Dragon like. Humanoid fingers appeared from a Martian(?) captain, middle-age knight, grasshopper robot, upright big bird to bobble shaped evil heads. All those images are in my photos collection.

Luckily, all happenings run smoothly and peacefully, looks I haven't been abducted in these two years ( I can't remember about before ). My house and family life haven't been disturbed. Physically, only my body some time feel extremely cold. I know that is not coincident, someone or something is behind it. Why? Two different space-life come together to my place often, the small one stands or lies on the top the big one. But the big one wears a red collar on its neck, which is to keep the little one safe (holds them together? Or may be the little one can't fly?). My question is “who puts the collar on?”

UFO pictures


(As the old link is not working , I have to re post this article.)

in the last three years, a series episodes that related to Dragons
which happened in my encounter, that shows whom was very
careful to approach me. compared with other space life,the
Dragon is a special Alien creature.

1. In the year of 2005, a vivid Dragon image showed up two
times in my day time sky pictures , probably by projecting
(unusual size).

2. a night time ufo picture from 25 Aug 2005 showed just
two shining horns and two eyes. But no face and details
were visible.

3. 16 May 2007, 6:18 AM the sky was still dark and I capture
a picture which a big Dragon (or sea serpen')s head and neck
appeared from left side of top corner. The size of head was
no less than one meter. it was only about 12-15 metres from
where I stood. It looked white and purple in color and had a
light red eye and two horns on the right side on top of its
head, same on the left side too. The horn's length was about
half the size of it's head. One or two long whiskers were
visible near the mouth.

All pictures in the blog captured by myself from my backyard.
This site is not fiction, legend or history of another person. This is my real encounter starting from 2005. Encouraged by my friend, a UFO researcher and scientist, I started this blog. If I am not telling the true, I don’t know when another person will meet such a large scale contact again.
my youtube channel:
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