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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Do we hurt another?

ufo picture

In my document “Our wonderful planet?”
I mentioned that our space has many simple forms of space life and they still live up there.

I am sure they are not physical types life, I do not know what they breath or what they consume, but they must live at approximately the environment which they have already lived in for millions years. Just like us human beings, if the environment that we live in changes too rapidly and by too much, that will make not easy for us to adapt or it may even threaten our survival. So what are about the recent year's environmental pollution and all dangerous activities which we have done to the earth and space? Will it effect those who live in space? If that is the reason, it could threaten their lives or even cause their population to reduce. As what I said before: our space's environment is part of the result of their participation. Without them, the earth's atmosphere could be completely different. And the earth would be just like mercury-just rocks

That is the chain reaction which we do not want to be happening. And the subject we always find from conversations between humanoids and their abductees: “What we do, destructively, will affect them too”. “If we continue like we are now, it's going to involve not only us but possibly other…..and they are trying to stop something that could cause a chain reaction.-from ‘Alien Identities’ by Richard L. Thompson ”

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