Friday, January 8, 2010

They always come around the new year

(this sighting reported to MUFON)

Two flat-top disk UFOs flying parallel

Since year 2006 to 2010, from November to January that I called it the new year season. there are always something coming for day time visiting : such as golden disk, light ball……. This year about 7 different type of them.

This image shows two flat-top disk shaped UFOs flying parallel together above my tree, taken on 15 Dec 2009. It was also captured on 13 Dec 2009, these two same colored invisible round disks hung up in the sky side by side. it’s diameter less was than 1 metre(? ), One of them emitted some white light.

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All pictures in the blog captured by myself from my backyard.
This site is not fiction, legend or history of another person. This is my real encounter starting from 2005. Encouraged by my friend, a UFO researcher and scientist, I started this blog. If I am not telling the true, I don’t know when another person will meet such a large scale contact again.
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