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Thursday, October 18, 2007

it’s absolutely not a scout ship

UFO picture
After the disk image, which showed in a video that I captured from January 2005,
proved to be a fly saucer, I try to take some photos during the day time. I then found some black or grey colored spots in the photos. I thought that they must be small sized flying saucers and gave it the name ________ scout ship. Later some images even showed a metallic look (under the sun shine). I feel more confident about my judgment. On 11 August 2005 I captured one invisible object by my camera; the photo shows it was diving vertically and not far away from me. When I enlarged the image, it showed that the object had an un-smooth top, like scales. I thought, probably it was an armored scout ship, more high tech than those from the star wars movies.

On the morning of 21 September 2005 9:03:38 AM, I got another large size image from the sky which clearly shows it has a very natural and perfect shape like a living creature that should be swimming in the water and could not fly into the sky. Its head has small pop-up eyes. Then I understood that their world has such shapes of life too, and it can travel to our sky. Suddenly, I remembered that picture from 11Aug 2005. I carefully checked it again and found it has eyes and a tail too; it’s absolutely not a scout ship!

UFO pictures are no easy to distinguished, May be after one or two years you will discovered what is it..

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