Releasing any Alien photos would cause a huge impact on our society. Only ordinary UFO’s photos posted on this blog.

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I didn't show any of your photos at the Nexus Magazine conference because…… (2) any Alien photos would cause a huge impact on our

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

UFO is a new subject of " The Science about the non-earthly physical world "

UFO picture

Of my encounter with various types of space-life, their shapes included micro- organisms, insects, reptiles, and amphibian type; Humanoid fingers appeared from Martians (?), Pumpkin head men to the golden big bird head figure. Until now, I still cannot figure out what kind of creatures some of them are or where they come from. Because most of them only came once and did not leave any trace that I can study (except the dog, Dragon ……etc, I have another document about them)

But the ones I named:…… "the simple life forms" who I always captured with my camera; they really make me interested, because they come so frequently and have such a large population from what I have known. Now I am trying to find out if they have come from another place? Or if they were formed on earth like us, or if they were formed even earlier than us? Are they sharing the same space with us? What is the effect on our environment?

I have no religion. I do not believe in superstitions and mystic. But I understand ratiocination and consequences. My belief is that: All life have some chance to live in this universe. In the universe it is not strange that life could have been formed in many different environments and all life formed in their own different condition should have their own ability and strengths .

Perhaps they have formed with another materials or molecular structures, or their DNA made with non-earthly physical matter such as electro- energy type. This is why they can hide themselves in our world, or they just appear for one second and disappear the next. They can fly in our air without wings or crafts. They may have a glowing light around their body........ It doesn’t mean that they are paranormal or supernatural. We can’t use our view to judge or expect them. We only learn from discovery.

This is a new subject--------" The Science of the non-earthly physical world ", No mystery and paranormal.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

The wing shape UFO

UFO picture

Hi, Group ( a letter to UFO research group on 30 Dec 2006)

Some of UFO pictures & videos that I captured shows that a kind of duck-egg sized objects are very close to me. They come quite often (November 2005 to March 2007) they hover on top of my house or on the roof.

I am lucky to capture some of their pictures; they clearly show their 'maneuverability'. In the pictures you can see that they release energy from their bodies (especially, when a pair or more those object fly together). Under the sunlight such energy looks like light or has a wing-shape and they use this energy to rise, turn and control their flying direction in the air.

In our world when the flames shoot down then the rocket can go up (every action has an opposite and equal reaction). But for those space lives, when they want to rise, their bodies release energy in the same direction (up) -------- Opposing our physical laws. That is amazing, isn't it?

What kind of energy are they releasing? Why do their bodies have that kind of energy? And what is the theory of that kind of strange propulsion?

I hope one day we will solve this mystery. We may learn something new from that. By the way, those objects are invisible.


Friday, October 26, 2007

they can not produce a story on this.

UFO picture

(a reply letter to a UFO researcher on 13 November 2006)

Hi, xxx

I contacted the media before I started taking day and night photos. After I took the video from the airport, I suspected that something was like a big flying saucer. I gave a DVD video to the local TV station, they replied one month later in June 2005. They said that they “cannot produce a story on this". I also gave the DVD video to the local observatory, and a few weeks later when I contacted them, they said that they found nothing abnormal.

Then after I started taking night photos, I was sure that there was something strange. I contacted the same TV station again on Feb 2006, the same person just hung up the phone. I also contacted the local newspapers, I told them the story and gave them my telephone Number, but there was no reply. I try to contact 5 different UFO websites all over the world. Only one replied, he said that it was very strange, very unusual and bizarre.

for your statement "Its hard for me to accept that you are a sole observer; others , in your locale, must have also noticed celestial oddities and nighttime glowing craft", I don’t know how to answer you as I cannot see most of them either. But I think that will relate to one phenomenon is the behavior of aliens in different locations. They will shine in your area, Australia or South America, but not in here. If you check on our local UFO websites, then you will find that UFO have not been observed by people more than a few dozen times a year.

My answer is that the "space policemen" patrol this area well and I have many photos for evidence.


UFO pictures

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The puppy (2)

UFO picture
On the 17th of October 2005 when the bright UFO flew pass, under the light beam were the images of three puppies. One is clearly a cocker-spaniel. I’m not too sure about the other two.

Most of dog images that I have captured are from videos. They always appear floating in the air sit on the top of another unknown type of space animal. For their safety or maybe for travel, the pictures show that the unknown animal always has a collar around its neck so that the puppy can put its legs inside the collar (when it stands up); or put its own neck inside (when it lies down).

The unknown animal came back for a visit on the 20th February 2007 at 9.32pm. It carried something on its back, but I couldn't see it clearly so I was not sure what it was. You can clearly see that the unknown animal has a large black eye.

The puppies’ repeated coming makes the story more dramatic and mystic. The master of the dog should be the one who put the collar to the unknown animal; he is probably the organizer of this long encounter (?). The answer is not easy to find out; unless one day he deliberately shows some evidence.

If anyone knows about the dog history from archeology, please email me.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The puppy (1)

UFO Picture

One of the discoveries from my encounters is that the dog is one type of ET. When you hunt for UFOs, you will not be surprise to capture some strange images, such as fly Saucer, Angels, Monster etc. but how come there is a dog in the sky? As they have accompanied humans already for a million years, especially those little puppies, they look like they cannot fly at all, but this is what I captured in the photos.

First it came on the night of 15 Aug 05. It sits on top of a donut shaped light. Beside it there is another ET (which I still don't know what it is) also sitting on top of the same kind of light. I mistook it for a little monkey, until I captured more photos of it on other nights.

The second time I captured the dog's image was on the night of 22 Aug 05. Two little dogs sat in front of two separate triangle boats (each boat also had 3-5 other kinds of small animal like ETs).The two boats appeared above my kitchen. It seemed like they were watching me taking photos of them. The distance was about 15 meters between those boats and me.

On the 25th and 28th of September 2005, night time, I got another two pictures. Each shows a little dog on the top of the tent. They crouching down at the edge and staring at me. Their bottoms and tails are tilted up. Both are cocker-spaniels, but I am not sure if it is the same one. The puppies are about 3-4 inches long. The distance was only 2-3 meters between me and the puppies

..................... ( to be continued)


Saturday, October 20, 2007

strange looking picture

Thursday, October 18, 2007

it’s absolutely not a scout ship

UFO picture
After the disk image, which showed in a video that I captured from January 2005,
proved to be a fly saucer, I try to take some photos during the day time. I then found some black or grey colored spots in the photos. I thought that they must be small sized flying saucers and gave it the name ________ scout ship. Later some images even showed a metallic look (under the sun shine). I feel more confident about my judgment. On 11 August 2005 I captured one invisible object by my camera; the photo shows it was diving vertically and not far away from me. When I enlarged the image, it showed that the object had an un-smooth top, like scales. I thought, probably it was an armored scout ship, more high tech than those from the star wars movies.

On the morning of 21 September 2005 9:03:38 AM, I got another large size image from the sky which clearly shows it has a very natural and perfect shape like a living creature that should be swimming in the water and could not fly into the sky. Its head has small pop-up eyes. Then I understood that their world has such shapes of life too, and it can travel to our sky. Suddenly, I remembered that picture from 11Aug 2005. I carefully checked it again and found it has eyes and a tail too; it’s absolutely not a scout ship!

UFO pictures are no easy to distinguished, May be after one or two years you will discovered what is it..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More humanoid come (3)

UFO picture

( A letter to the UFO research group about another humanoid encounter)

Hi, everyone, (13 November 2006)
I got a night picture from 7th of September 2005, when an aero plane passed about 8 o'clock from south to the north. I rushed to the back yard to capture the aero plane trail.After I found the picture had a very large orange color image (two square meters)only a few meters distant from me, probably a couple of meters above my head.
The shape of the images looks have 2 big human heads and a few small head shape image behind. The 2 big heads were form with few orange color air bubbles, looks very lumpy and they had green eyes on their faces. The eyes are the only identification for a humanoid face. Their faces also look like they have some red spots. It looks like they got shocked when I ran to the backyard.
They give the impression that they are not nice and friendly (?) so I called them devils, but I don’t know exactly how dangerous they are. Then last week I borrowed the book "alien contacts and abductions" write by Jenny Randles.She got a few cases about the so-called phantasms. they are very dangerous. People who have seen them get temporarily blinded eyes and the light from the devils eyes is very powerful. witnesses get serious sickness after be careful guys. Has anyone seen such thing?


Monday, October 15, 2007

UFO pictures

Sunday, October 14, 2007

more humanoid come (2)

UFO picture

(continued from the last letter about more humanoids come)

4) 30 Aug 2005, two pumpkin head humanoid figures in one picture. they are wearing large sized Lotus shaped shoes ( in my collection, another humanoid all can fly by himself, no craft is needed.)
one looks like a female because it has a pink top and puffed up cheeks. The male has a
big, round, fat face with no hair. Their hips and legs are skinny. In the picture, both

were holding a shining colored pet in their arms. They appeared on the same spot that

the time two Mongolian look-a-like humanoids did.

5) 31 Aug 2005, got three humanoid pictures

Photo 1. A 1.5 meter high(?) pure golden color standing bird. it has a large head
with claw shaped hands? It brought a few golden baby birds (?).

Photo 2. One beautiful shining red color old man (only able to see his face ), with hat
That has many yellow and green patterns Appeared. he is floating on air above my tent.

Photo 3. One looks very similar to the "ET" movie's creature, but with a much thicker neck ,

wider mouth and back ward chin, it has two big eyes. appeared behind the
The golden pop up rectangle disk.




Friday, October 12, 2007

more humanoids come (1)

UFO picture

They came last year and haven’t been back since.
from the pictures they look solid-but are invisible. These figures were all in the photographs.

1) 20 Aug 2005, a team of 7 Martians(?) captured in 8 pictures,
They may have visited the park, and then jumped back into the sky.

2) 24 Aug 2005, two young Mongolian look-a-likes appeared in one picture, copper Colored face, very handsome, looks like both are holding a shining dog (?)in their arms. They appeared in the space between my house and kitchen's roof.Only saw the top half of their body.
(Addition: I also asked a nun who is from a local Buddhist temple, about the face of the
Humanoid, she said look like the XXXXXX Buddha)

3) 29 Aug 2005, got another three humanoid pictures

First photo: two white skinned male figures caught in one picture. They appeared in the
air above the side my house. Two figures stood side by side.

Second photo: one huge big bird figure in one picture, only saw the golden out
line of the body, the big head is colorful in the centre, the beak is
wide open, but maybe it is a multi-headed bird.
(Very impressive looking face, my opinion is that it could be a Phoenix)

Third photo: one golden outlined figure (can’t see the body) sitting on something,
one hand holding a long whip.



Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Two big birds (continued real story of A team of Martian )

UFO picture

Two knights followed grasshoppers that jumped up to the sky. The fourth picture that I captured from the team of Martians is a large unknown green image (if it is real, sometimes a few small sized space-lifes will form a shape that looks like a creature to protect themselves). It has a squid body and shark head. Its head faces those fellows below him. And it opens its mouth, looks as if it’s surprised since so many unusual visitors come tonight.

The bird is the fifth photo that I captured. Their flying attitudes are different than the grasshoppers and knights. Their body declines about 30 degrees backward from vertical. They don't open their wings to fly. Both have strong, long legs which are almost 1.5 times longer than their body. Their 4 (?) Claws look powerful and large. Their head looks smaller compared to the feet (not to scale). Both figures are similar to an ostrich’s, but the neck is much shorter.

On their back, they both have 4 or more baby birds, the baby birds put their heads outwards. One big standing bird's head looks like an eagle, its beak looks like a hook; the other's head is just like an ordinary bird's which has small short beak. They keep a long distance from each other. The front one is white and bluish in color. The lower one is
Brown red and greenish looked.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

UFO pictures

dome shape ufo but they are not the craft

Monday, October 8, 2007

The grasshopper robot

a strange ufo picture

The second one dump up is pair of grasshopper robot that shows from another picture. Their body is same attitude: 45 degree up ward from left to right, their left of back side is face to me, both lift up their left arm and squat down two legs. Their front of the head have two lumps, their elbow, shoulder and ankle have big joint. The fore arm look like the rotating mechanic fit. Their feet are big and the feet face forward like a humans, not backward like a real grasshopper.

The distant between them about 14 timesof their body lengths, the top one is maroon and green color, the bottom one is silver and bluish. Their back is not smooth looking. The lowers one looks has big black eye. The two just fly with no using any facility.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

shape shifting object

Friday, October 5, 2007

The Captain

strange looking mist

The Martian captain’s ( ? ) picture shows he has ordinary size head and green yellow color face (otherwise he is wearing a very tight mask) with two large black eyes (or goggle) . On top of the mask is a pink color feather? (Like a Roman Soldier). His top has some kind of wide purple cross strip pattern - like the sailor shirt, while his pants have a camouflage pattern. He wears a long light blue color boot and He is slim and tall. He lifts up one leg and keeps the other straight.

The air he breathes out is red in colour. He is waving his hand to call the team to jump to the sky? I hope he is not waving me? He is holding two or three pets on his one arm, one pet has shining blue color. He is also wearing a long flexible tube (size smaller than his wrist)..........

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A team of Martians

Light Balls

A letter to a member of a UFO research group.

Hi xxxx,
Here, I am sending you one essential photo, This is a grasshopper-robot alien picture, which is from the
20th august 2005. There is one group of them, a Captain, 2 knights, 2 robots, 2 big standing birds and some unknown creature-all in 8 pictures.

The time was about 8-8:30pm, it was 50-60 degrees up in the cloud. the distance was about 700m-1000m? They probably, after visiting the park, jumped back into the sky (the back of my house was facing the park about 300m). At first I saw something shining in the sky, then I took the first photo, That was probably the captain. the rest kept jumping up in a zigzag pattern.
I just kept taking photos one by one.

That picture can prove that some abductees are telling a true story, because many of them meet those creatures.

Please reply when you receive it.


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Unusual encounter

zig-zag shape ufo trace

Of my remarkable, colorful and odd looking UFO pictures, most are captured from invisible objects. It doesn’t matter how bright or how big they are shown in the photos. Only 20 pictures were seen with my eye. Some objects were even 1 to 3 meters from where I stood. I just couldn’t see their fingers or hear any noisy. Only once, two invisible objects landed on the top of my tent, and then I could see some silver mist, like Moon light, shower from the top. I tried to grab the blur fog with my hand, I got nothing. But one evening of October(?) 2005 I saw a spinning small bell shaped flying saucer come down from the cloud, and stayed 35 meters (?) above my kitchen’s roof for a minute then slowly turned to another direction.

Also my encounter with various types and large number of space life is different than those described events of UFO history. Their size ranged from sand to egg to basketball, to as big as 60 meters wide. Their shapes were micro- organism, insects, reptiles, Phoenix , Dragon and Mothman…...etc. Humanoid fingers appeared from a Martian(?) captain, middle-age knight, grasshopper robot, upright big bird to bubble shaped evil heads…….etc. All those images are in my photos collection.

Luckily, all happenings run smoothly and peacefully, looks I haven’t been abducted in these two years ( I can’t remember about before ). My house and family life haven’t been disturbed. Physically, only my body some time feel extremely cold. I know that is not coincident, someone or something is behind it. Why? Two different space-life come together to my place often, the small one stands or lies on the top the big one. But the big one wears a red collar on its neck, which is to keep the little one safe (holds them together? Or may be the little one can’t fly?). My question is “who puts the collar on?”

UFO pictures

All pictures in the blog captured by myself from my backyard.
This site is not fiction, legend or history of another person. This is my real encounter starting from 2005. Encouraged by my friend, a UFO researcher and scientist, I started this blog. If I am not telling the true, I don’t know when another person will meet such a large scale contact again.
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