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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The shape of UFO

Those non- physical space life are very rarely show their body or face, they can easily hide themselves inside their energy or glowing light to make themselves visible or invisible. I am very lucky to have captured some colorful, slightly blured images from August to November of 2005 until I moved to another house (after that other types of images appeared).

The big sizes of the day or night time's colorful image are easy to recognize, you can compare them to our physical world's objects to give them a closely related name. But those hiding inside the dull or glowing light are very hard to define, especially during the day time, Most them look like the dull black or white round shapes, sometimes under a different direction sunshine, their energy reflected will look metallic. It is more complicated when few or a thousand of those space lives flying closely ( depending on how they arrange their position) then their energy will merge together to become what we call a Triangle, Cylinder, Rocket, cigar or dome shape. The people will imagine they are the Alien crafts.

I have learnt this from many mistakes, I found most people still use the ufo's shape to define them which is not so scientifically correct.


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