Friday, September 28, 2007

"is there intelligent life on earth?".

a object has 20 different looks in 1 second

my letter to a member of ufo reseach group on 13 November 2006

Hi xxxx and Everyone,
Sorry I late replying your question about " is there intelligent life on earth?". From my photo connections there are so many different type of space life.

Some of them are described by the legends, for example dragaon like, snake like, bird like, fish like . They may belong to cryptozoology and they are big in size. But those things are from far away because when they open their mouths you can see the strong light, that is the engery level difference compare to our earth.

I am interested in the tiny sized objects that appear in my pictures and there are hundreds of them. They are as small as a peanut or a egg( they dived down from
the night sky and they passed the water gutter of the roof)They are the simple
form of life. They looked like micro-organisim or they maybe looked just have
a head with nothing else. Their bodies have huge energy. I think they are
playing important part in our planet's climate? They do not belong to greys
or martain
they are just a life in the sky.


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