Releasing any Alien photos would cause a huge impact on our society. Only ordinary UFO’s photos posted on this blog.
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This is the serious claim: My alien pictures sighting report to MUFON Ask Dr Bruce Maccabee about UFO phenomenon they can not produce a story on this.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

paranormal objects appeared during my alien contact period

Paranormal objects appeared during my alien contact period


Friday, September 30, 2016

Powerful ufo tube

UFO Light tubes came to my house at 2007 for hundreds times, they stand in front of large strange ufos, some time shoot out light beam:  that is what I know about them until I read this news : ( translated by google )

Dongguan UFO? On September 23 In Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, Mr. Yuan of small business said , the day before yesterday morning, a 2 meters long column of strange light 1 meter high above floor, suddenly appeared in the farm pond, kept hovering, followed by a series There are bizarre events, not only thousands of animals were screaming mass scare, he just charged with the phone to take pictures, the results just finished, on the depletion of the battery, automatically shut down! Mr. Yuan said that the regiment light did not move at first, but when he shouted his colleagues to see, it ran into the water, the water becomes blue, very bright. Colleagues heard the news, Mr. Yuan took the stone throw in , the light instantly disappeared, but soon flew up from the pond and went straight to the slope of the banana plantation, the surrounding plants illuminated translucent. In the light appears, there are many strange phenomena. Yuan said that the most terrible thing is the farm animals collective screams, horses, camels, pigs, ducks and so on in the call, screaming, but CCTV can not take this screen. And when he ran back to the house holding a fully charged cell phone to shoot light, the phone will automatically power down and automatically shut down. Mr. Yuan's colleague Xiao Ming recalled when he returned to the room, the body began to itch, so he can not help but have been forced to scratch. And more puzzling is that Mr. Yuan and his colleagues was clearly in the vicinity of light, the camera should also monitor the scope of the camera, but after looking at the whole closed-circuit television, but can not find them with light at the same time Screen, until the light disappears, they appeared in the lens. Yuan said, hope to allow experts to look at the picture, because he believes that this group of light can not be created by people, whether with a flashlight or other lighting tools to illuminate, issued to the light can not be like a lamp hanging In the air. But the local journalists to contact the Dongguan Science Museum of the responsible person, but received no understanding of such phenomena experts can be interviewed. Dongguan Sunshine Network


Friday, September 9, 2016

What a contact

What a contact
A group of 7 continual photos were taken on 13 Nov 2013 showed two small white orbs jumped out from a big white oval shape UFO, they moved around in front of me, both orbs back together emitted golden color light. Then they disappeared. This episodes only takes less then 2 seconds.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Alien bio-ship landed to alight (2)

On 17 Oct 2005 an invisible alien bio-ship landed to alighted a group of small pets on top of my tent. they came to visit a few times.......
            for more information about the pets, please read :

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Friday, November 27, 2015

alien bio-ship landed to alight

 On 17 Oct 2005 an invisible alien bio-ship landed to alighted a group of small pets on top of my tent. they came to visit a few times.
( this animation will start in 5 seconds and will be shown three times )

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

                                 UFO at Airport                         

all my ufo and ET pictures taking is started by a video that I captured from Airport in January 2005, Looked like the "fly saucer" in the video showed kind of signal. That took me 7 months to proved it ......... On 30th July 2005 , an idea came suddenly in my mind......
I started taking pictures around my house, we captured the first one. My later night time ET photos taking became more mysterious and scarey and bizarre........

Friday, March 13, 2015

why ufo shape change

The ufo's shape are depend on what kind of species alien life or how many of those bio-entity and how they arrange their position inside this UFO. I do not have information about alien's nut & bolt craft shape change.
The shape of UFO :

 The second fact for ufo shape change is the bio matter of the ufo, so they have air-like and flexible body. Then their shape is depended on their moving speed. A sphere ufo could became triangle or boomerang then cylinder looked, when it’s attitude shifted from standstill to start moving then to rapid movement:
Aerodynamic Effects on UFO
Mysterious alien red mass

Monday, February 9, 2015

Have they Found Alien Life?

As those microbe have fashion of eat and deposited electron, Scientist think that they may find the alien life. My encounter’s photos also showed space alien life has the character of release energy ( have no evidence for they eating energy yet). Another important feature is some alien life could spouting wire too, but my pictures showed that only happened from simple form life alien ( as my camera not good enough to detail the alien germs activity). Those wires are large than nano-scale, they are flexuous or straight, even bent in angle, they could stay for seconds or an hour. The wires produced from each entity (sphere or tube shape's ufo) could connected each other. Those wires formed by shot-like particle.....

I hope scientist will discover more from their project and find the link between different life of the earth and other world.

Here is the article
published in the of Popular Science
: Have We Found Alien Life?



Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ufocasebook . conforum . com

I have problems to visit as I  have told my ufo encounters stories on this forum: my close contact

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Because of  the situation or attitude of the ufology community and my own personal reasons, I stopped my Alien and ET exploration in early  December. When will I be back to it, I am not sure. I hope other people will carry  on the work. 8 years full time work is long enough …….
All pictures in the blog captured by myself from my backyard.
This site is not fiction, legend or history of another person. This is my real encounter starting from 2005. Encouraged by my friend, a UFO researcher and scientist, I started this blog. If I am not telling the true, I don’t know when another person will meet such a large scale contact again.
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