Releasing any Alien photos would cause a huge impact on our society. Only ordinary UFO’s photos posted on this blog.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My alien pictures

UFO picture

I sent out 7 colorful pictures of 4 different humanoids, to 2 scientists and 5 UFO researchers in different countries which included China, since 2005, but all replied without an clear opinion. They only said they will check it out……,


Anonymous said...

that really dsnt look like any alien but whoevr did this site probably is an alien!!!!!!!!!!

aquawoman said...

I think we may share a lot in common. Please see my website

Anonymous said...

I'm not here to doubt you but I have clicked on to several of your posts stating that you have pictures of alien beings and you describe these beings in your photos but where are the photos? The photos you posted on your posts do not match what your are describing(more humanoids to come(1,2,3), A team of Martians, The puppy(1,2) and The Captain). Again I'm not doubting you but.....If you have these pictures and can describe the beings in detail from your photos then why are they not posted? Are you holding on to them? Are you afraid of posting them? Or have they been removed from your posts(which I highly doubt anyone that wanted to silence you and debunk your proof would have just shut down this site)? Let me just say this one more time. I do not doubt you, but I need harder evidence than you just describing these photos and putting up photos that have nothing to do with the post. To add I have seen that you(the blogger) moderates the comment approvals. So I highly doubt you will post this comment.To me if you don't post my comment then you proved to me that you have no photos of any alien beings. Again sorry for being the "Doubting Thomas" but like I said before I need harder evidence than what you provided.

Star said...

Hi, Mr. Cypher
Releasing any Alien photos would cause a huge impact on our society, would I do that? Of course not. I welcome MOUFN to come and investigate, and let them to decide.


Anonymous said...

If you chose to help open up the belief system in this world sharing the photos will do it. We all need that if you have them because others experience but don't have the evidence. We are all looking for what you claim you have. No doubt here, just asking you to post the photos. It is time to open this up to the public. What's the point of this page and blog if you can share the proof in photos? Just a friendly question to ask you to please share what is needed here to accomplish what you are asking us all to understand.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with *Mr Cypher* ... there are NO alien photos here, there is only ONE blurry pic of a UFO.
You state that it would casue some kind of chaos if you release some of these pictures... trust me friend, life will go on. If you can handle it, others can handle it... and as far as some people not being able to handle it? Sure, I mean some people can't handle making simple daily choices, some people will freak out, but a majority of people will get up for work the next day like nothing happened. You really need to put up or shut up. (no offense)lol

All pictures in the blog captured by myself from my backyard.
This site is not fiction, legend or history of another person. This is my real encounter starting from 2005. Encouraged by my friend, a UFO researcher and scientist, I started this blog. If I am not telling the true, I don’t know when another person will meet such a large scale contact again.
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