Releasing any Alien photos would cause a huge impact on our society. Only ordinary UFO’s photos posted on this blog.

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I didn't show any of your photos at the Nexus Magazine conference because…… (2) any Alien photos would cause a huge impact on our

Friday, May 16, 2008

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The code for sky

UFOs pop up everyday from the sky, you need the code to read and understand them. That is why no one can read their pictures or videos properly. Without the code people will waste another 10 or 20 more years just arguing
it is not so easy to read ufo photos without data. but they belong to the subject of astrobiology.........
My opinion is based on my own encounter which shows that the 50 years study of UFOs is not complete. Many big cases in UFO history are not caused by flying saucer but by living space creatures
the problem is our authorities or air force do not know much all the UFO activities, which are caused by alien's craft and some only by space primitive lifes visitation.
we should do some more homework. expecially those ufologist.
A photo vivid information we get on today's condition. Why has NASA sent back photos from Mars? But to capture the useful data for decoding UFOs and many mysteries or to understand that our atmosphere depends on aliens. That is the missing link for last 60 years. Alien do not like fun! I think.
these pictures or videos are only small parts of them. And they are only the shapes or shadows. Those that come to my place, some are popped out of the shape. They are colourful in face and body. Some are giants of a few hundred meters. I think it is top secret in the universe. You cannot find it in the UFO documents or abductee's stories.

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All pictures in the blog captured by myself from my backyard.
This site is not fiction, legend or history of another person. This is my real encounter starting from 2005. Encouraged by my friend, a UFO researcher and scientist, I started this blog. If I am not telling the true, I don’t know when another person will meet such a large scale contact again.
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