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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Alien's characteristic (3)

ufo picture

Body energy

Do all the ‘alien’ bodies have special energy? I am not so sure about it as I know that I have only captured 35-50% of the visitor's image. But from those pictures that I have, I can see they are all surrounded by different levels of glowing light which includes humanoids. That is what we usually call the plasma, swap Gus or light ball.

At night, their body's glowing light could be either visible or invisible to the naked eye, but some of them can be captured by a digital camera. When a group of them fly together and each of them is close to a certain distant, then their body energy will merge as one. The entire group's energy's shape will depend on how those space life are positioned. That is what we observed from the sky: small or large triangles, cylinders, dumbbells, cigars……etc. If you understand this, you will not be surprised that sometimes, those big objects will pop up or spit out a little one.

At day time, you also can see this kind the energy glowing light in ufo pictures, most the time it is pinkish, bluish, purplish,yellow,white or a dull color and under a certain direction of sun light such energy or glowing light will become metallic (aluminium or stainless steel) looking. When the objects are very close to the observer (or some of space life's body has tremendous energy) then the camera will pick up the pattern of highly ionized air which surrounding the object.

Glowing light or plasma that surrounds the space object are caused by the object's body energy, it is different to the energy that they release for flying(or anti-gravity) in our heavens. People might mistakenly think that the propelling energy’s shape is the alien craft. Why? Perhaps they may guess that the space life all come from far away. That they like us humans all need planes for air travel.

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