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Friday, October 26, 2007

they can not produce a story on this.

UFO picture

(a reply letter to a UFO researcher on 13 November 2006)

Hi, xxx

I contacted the media before I started taking day and night photos. After I took the video from the airport, I suspected that something was like a big flying saucer. I gave a DVD video to the local TV station, they replied one month later in June 2005. They said that they “cannot produce a story on this". I also gave the DVD video to the local observatory, and a few weeks later when I contacted them, they said that they found nothing abnormal.

Then after I started taking night photos, I was sure that there was something strange. I contacted the same TV station again on Feb 2006, the same person just hung up the phone. I also contacted the local newspapers, I told them the story and gave them my telephone Number, but there was no reply. I try to contact 5 different UFO websites all over the world. Only one replied, he said that it was very strange, very unusual and bizarre.

for your statement "Its hard for me to accept that you are a sole observer; others , in your locale, must have also noticed celestial oddities and nighttime glowing craft", I don’t know how to answer you as I cannot see most of them either. But I think that will relate to one phenomenon is the behavior of aliens in different locations. They will shine in your area, Australia or South America, but not in here. If you check on our local UFO websites, then you will find that UFO have not been observed by people more than a few dozen times a year.

My answer is that the "space policemen" patrol this area well and I have many photos for evidence.


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